Ida Thaler is the owner and artist behind Ida Thistle Ceramics. Before joining the Berkeley Potters Guild, Ida Thistle Ceramics was primarily based out of a make-shift backyard studio in Oakland, California.

Ida has been working with her hands for as long as she can remember and has been working with clay since 2012. She had to take a couple of years off due to a torn ligament in her wrist, but she was luckily able to return to her practice in 2015. The time Ida spent on the sidelines only deepened her love affair with clay. 

By creating work that is not perfectly balanced, symmetrical, or smooth, Ida aims highlight the beauty of imperfections and the magic within the everyday world around us. 

Ida's work has been shown around the Bay Area and is beginning to pop up in local shops. 

When Ida is not working on her own creations, she can be found teaching ceramics in youth studios, working in the garden, near a body of water, or hanging out with some cats.